Online Advertising

Whether you refer to it as new media or traditional media is really immaterial, because our political consultants are firm believers that on-line media is media regardless of the delivery channel.  

However, Ozean also recognizes that online Advertising does have its own nuances, especially in audience composition and consumption.

Online Advertising can be a vital part of any political communication strategy and should be included in the initial budgeting stages of a campaign.

Ozean’s political consultants are HUGE fans of political internet media buying.

We like online advertising’s instant analytics and metrics that allow our political consultants to rapidly analyze and iterate campaign plans.  This rapid feedback also allows for inexpensive testing and experimentation

In addition, be assured, our political & media consultants continuously track the every changing laws surrounding disclaimers and the purchasing of Internet ads.

Political Online Advertising consists of several subsets:

  • Ad network Media Buying
  • Contextual Media Buying
  • Mobile Media Buying
  • Internet Radio Ads
  • Internet Video Ads

Ozean Media prefers the ROI of online media ads, the track-ability and target-ability of these on-line ads, and we anticipate the increasing use of these online ads.

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