Corporate Communications

at times, Corporate engagement makes sense

Corporate Communications Consulting

When one considers the skills at Ozean, it becomes apparent another way of saying what we do is “Ozean offers communications consulting & strategy.”

  • We research the audience, (quantitative or qualitative)
  • create messaging,
  • research how an audience will possibly react to a message(s),
  • strategize on how best to deliver a certain message to a certain audience,
  • create media and communication instruments to communicate the message,
  • plan and implement communication & media plans,
  • measure results, and
  • continually refine communication & media plans

Corporate Clients

Ozean has found through the years, that selective engagements with the right corporation and/or businesses can make sense.

When Corporate Engagement makes sense

Our corporate partners understand that Ozean operates a little different than an advertising agency.  First, Ozean operates at a rate of speed they are unaccustomed to.

In addition, our corporate partners understand that Ozean must keep up with the latest research & communication techniques in order to serve our political clients.  What we may lack in dog and pony show capabilities, we more than compensate with bottom line results.

Having said that, we also realize that it takes the right partnership to make a successful corporate collaboration

From experience, it makes sense for Ozean to partner with corporate clients under the following scenarios:

  1. Ozean is working with a corporate staff in a political capacity and our relationship can be improved & leveraged by providing media & communications services.
  2. Ozean has a specific skill needed by a corporation, usually for a limited engagement.


  • Digital Media Creation
  • Application development
  • Research & Data Analysis
  • Data Mining Projects
  • Web & Digital Media Strategy & Development
  • Crisis Management
  • Sensitive work best done outside their current corporate partners.

Ozean is selective to the corporate accounts we will engage (We are known for referring more corporate engagements than we accept); however, we enjoy exploring the possibilities.

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