Ward Scott Files – Show Notes – 4/14/2015

Below are my show notes for the 4/14/2015 Ward Scott Files.  In the future, I will attempt to make them more coherent, but these note represent my actual notes for the show.
It is my goal to publish notes and links to any article(s) I reference during the show.

As always, feedback is welcome.

Rubio Announced

 Great Speech
New Generation – taking a slight jab at Jeb!  (Hillary has been good for him)
Rubio’s campaign has so far attracted paltry support from Republican voters, according to polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, as well as nationally. He’s down near Chris Christie!
He is not polling particularly well with Hispanics right now, but Rubio pulled 40 percent of the non-Cuban Hispanic vote in a three-way contest in his 2010 Senate bid.
Which brings us back to Rubio’s path to the GOP nomination: It looks a lot like Walker’s – pulling together conservative and establishment Republicans.
Be the anti-jeb
Three paths for Marco
  • Catch fire, and win the nomination
  • Do well, Jeb not win and he comes under tremendous pressure for VP
  • If all else fails, runs for Governor in 2018 and earns his executive stripes – with the option to run again for POTUS
In a race between “the old guard” and “the new wave” bet on the money.
May4, Ben Carson will announce his candidacy (book tour)

US Senate Seat

Jeff Atwater – out
Who is thinking about running?
Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera
Rep Ron DeSantis
For Speaker Will weatherford
Rep Tom Rooney
For US Senate George Lemieux
state Senate President Don Gaetz
Here is what we know – the seat is critical to the GOPs chances at holding the Senate and the Presidency.
Whomever gets the nominee, it will be all hands on deck!

On Clinton

In other words: Clinton’s worst national poll since the start of last year is still better than her best poll during the 2008 cycle.
Her current edge is even more striking when one considers that Clinton’s closest competitors are Sen.Elizabeth Warren (MA) and Vice President Joe Biden, who only register in the low double digits.
Lurking in the third tier are four Democrats who at least appear to be seriously considering the race. It’s not a mighty list, but there are credible politicians on it. Leading the group is former Gov. Martin O’Malley (MD), who seems to be seriously preparing for a run and is showing signs he’d be willing to take on Clinton vigorously. Clinton is a powerful force, but the door is not completely shut to any challenger. If someone is to exploit Clinton’s weaknesses, he or she is going to have to be aggressive about it. Playing nice in order to angle for a VP slot or Cabinet appointment isn’t going to cut it.

Former Sen. Jim Webb (VA) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) also will not be shy about mixing it up with Clinton if they run.

Surprisingly, another Democratic contender has emerged: former Gov. Lincoln Chafee (RI).

Vice President Biden is on the list as a wild card.

Campaigns are not an inherently genteel enterprise.  They’re not like shaking hands, they’re more like snatching power out of the other guy’s hand.

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