Oppo Research

Opposition Research

Opposition research is critical to a campaign successes or failure.

Ozean is able to leverage their knowledge of technology to perform rapid and thorough opposition research.

He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious. -Sun Tzu

Ozean also maintains a network of attorneys and researchers adept at conducting & documenting deep research.

Not only will our research staff research your opponents, potential opponents, but also will research “our candidate” or issue, conducting a “vulnerability study”.

Ozean would MUCH prefer to uncover any issue(s) before our opponents do, and decide in advance how the campaign may deal with the issue(s).

Areas for Political Opposition

Some potential areas for opposition research are:

  • biographical
  • legal or criminal
  • medical
  • educational
  • financial
  • public and private administrative and or voting records of the opposing candidate
  • prior media coverage

Contact Ozean

A complete understanding of the opposition research available and techniques used can be discussed at the initial consultation.  Please contact Ozean.