Data Analysis

Control the data, control the world

The political world is full of data. It seems everyone has a list of some-sort. However, transforming the information into a workable format let alone knowing what to do with the data is often missing.

For our purposes and in the simplest of terms, Ozean integrates large amounts of data – often from different sources – and transforms the data into a workable format.

Ozean then analyzes and models the data to generate conclusions or hypothesis for further testing.

Some of our data projects are to be descriptive while others attempt to be predictive in nature (ex – likelihood of voting or likelihood of voting for our candidate).

Data Mining

Ozean maintains several in-house databases for use by our candidates.  We then take this information and augment the data with additional data collected from various sources.

Ozean then takes our integrated data sets and extracts patterns from these data sets using statistical methods such a regression analysis. We can then use this data for suggesting changes in messaging, targeting, or micro-targeting.

What is data-mining for campaigns?

It may sound like magic or voodoo, but for us, it is part of a winning strategy.

You can be assured that Ozean’s Political Consultants are quietly working in the background to provide data mining services to our political operations.

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