Political Research

When a gut feeling isn’t enough.

What good research data doesin-god-we-trust

When decisions need to be made, rock-solid information is required.  Ozean Media provides reliable data and research to companies, campaigns, and associations, on which platforms can be built, decisions made, and victory obtained.  When failure is not an option, all the outcomes must be weighed and unbiased data must be introduced.  Ozean Media offers extensive political polling and data analysis to aid campaigns and associations with critical decision-making.

Why bad research data is not an option

If it’s time to make a decision, we check all gut feelings at the door;  we certainly don’t rely on information that confirms our already existing bias.  We believe in surveying the landscape so we know exactly where we are and thus can adequately advise our clients on how victory can be attained.

We use a variety of methods, such as polling, focus groups, online panels, data analytics, and big data services. After all, basing the decisions for a $100M campaign on anything less is simply not acceptable.

To know your opposition is to know yourself

Victory, as the word implies, is emerging from a contest having conquered an opponent.  We can provide extensive research and background information on any person or organization, so your campaign or association can accurately know exactly who they must overcome to obtain victory.

Opposition research — often called oppo research — when done correctly provides the upper hand to any organization.

Additional Political Research Information

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