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Political Media Buying

Ozean Media’s owner, Alex Patton, before consulting full time for political campaigns, was a sales manager for a major cable company. During that time, he learned the ins and outs of media buying. It quickly became a passion of his. He loved the GRP’s, the shares, the ratings–he even understands the LUC and how it applies or does not apply to candidates.

Ozean Media has extensive experience all types of political media buying, but specializes in electronic political media (television, Internet, and radio).

Areas of Political Media Buying

We have bought political media for all types of campaigns:

  • Municipal Campaigns
  • County Commission Campaigns
  • State House Campaigns
  • State Senate Campaign
  • US Congressional Campaigns
  • Statewide Media Campaigns
  • National Media Buying experience*

Political Television Media Buying

Sometimes, there is nothing more cost effective than television. Of course the decision to purchase television ads will depend on the type of race, the geographic location, and other strategic factors. However, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that Ozean Media are experts at purchasing media and because of our political experiences know how media fits into the larger picture.

Political Radio Media Buying

Ozean Media purchases radio time when appropriate for the campaign. We may like the targeted demographic, we may like the qualitative numbers of the radio station.

Political Internet Media Buying

We are HUGE fans of political internet media buying.  We love the ROI of these ads, the track-ability and target-ability of these ads, and we plan on increasing the use of these ads.  In addition, Ozean continuously tracks the every changing laws surrounding disclaimers and the purchasing of internet ads.

Lowest Unit Charge (LUC)

Lowest Unit Charges or LUC is often misunderstood. Heck, most media companies and their sales people do not understand how the LUC is to be calculated or how it works. It is really simple, the media companies must disclose how they do business with their most favored advertisers, then offer that to political candidates.

However, these rules are different for campaigns, political parties, and independent groups. So, instead of trying to cipher through classes of time, make goods, audits, etc – just call us. We know what we are doing.

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