Quick Reaction: The Hidden Lesson from the GOP Debate for Candidates

Marco Rubio had a rough night on Google but Jeb Bush’s was worse The Washington Post

Source: Washington Post, Marco Rubio had a rough night on Google

The morning after the GOP Debate, the Washington Post has an article “Marco Rubio had a rough night on Google“.

It is an interesting story, but I think it misses the MOST important story from any candidates’ point of view.

If you look at the Google search peaks, BOTH peaks were when candidates related a personal story to the current political context.

THAT’s the ‘story’, if you are candidate.  THAT’s the takeaway if you are a consultant.

Please go re-read the Ozean post, “What makes a good political candidate?”  where I write the secret sauce of a campaign is “The ability to craft and tell a coherent story that emotionally connects with voters.”

With political consultants seemingly wanting to focus on data, algorithms, and shiny toys, sometimes ALL need to be reminded on the power of stories and the power of connecting.

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