Political Strategy

Simply said, tremendously difficult to execute.

Political Strategy Overview

Political Strategy is the development of a plan of action to achieve the goal of winning.

Ozean’s political consultants have a unique blend of skills and knowledge.

Ozean is located at the intersection of political knowledge and technology.

All political strategies begin with a solid foundation of knowledge and then build with specialized research about your particular campaign’s circumstances.

Political Strategy Process

While each campaign is different and our specific role in each campaign may differ, we generally engage using our rapid iteration campaign model.  We are experienced to know that campaigns require a plan, but those plans are subject to….shall we say….forces beyond the campaigns control.

We always begin with a solid plan based in research, with the knowledge that it will change rapidly and that a major portion of our engagement is to manage the change.


Ozean’s consultants take the time to understand the type of campaign you would like to run.

After gaining a complete understanding, we will embark upon an extensive research period, then we use all our knowledge and skills to arrive at a strategy to win.


We will mutually agree upon the strategy, tactics, and deliverables of the campaign. We are firm believers in a written campaign plan, and we will insist upon one. This plan will include research, goals, budgets, calenders, staffing, timetables, and will be presented to all stakeholders for buy-in.

Rapid Iteration

We will also mutually understand that a campaign changes rapidly and that all plans are subject to change. We are nimble, fast, and adaptive.
We hope that you will contact our political consulting agency to see how we can assist you, Ozean Media is ready to assist in developing your winning political strategy.

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