Newsletter May 2017 – The Guide to the 2016 Elections


how did donald Trump become President Trump?


summer‘s coming trimm your sheeps

DATA explaining Trump's win

Most got it wrong; I did.

The data is now starting to arrive and serious people are now beginning to explore the data in an attempt to understand how President Trump came to win. We will attempt to avoid the pieces that attempt to drive a narrative and stick to data points.

The Definitive Guide to 2016 (so far):



RealClearPolitics: How Trump Won

How Trump Won: The Midwest

How Trump Won: The Northeast

How Trump Won: The West

How Trump Won: The South

How Trump Won — Conclusions



538: The Real Story of 2016


The Electoral Blind Spot

It wasn't Clinton's Election to Lose

The Invisble Undecided Voter

Ohio was a bellwether after all

Why early voting was overhyped

Donal Trump had a superior strategy

There really was a liberal media-bubble




Three ESSENTIAL Reads:


Why facts don't change our minds

Harvard:  How the Press Failed the Voters in 2016

Voters Really Did Switch to Trump at the Last Minute


Ozean Research:


Original Research done by Ozean Media.

Why the Freedom Caucus Doesn't Fear Trump

How Divided is Florida?

As we prepare for 2018, We look at 2014 FL Governor Race's Results by DMA




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