Harry Reid and the Nuclear Option

I got myself into a little trouble yesterday with some comments on Senator Harry Reid’s redefining of the cloture rule so that a mere majority of the Senators present is needed to limit and debate and move on, the so-called “nuclear option.”

I hate that he did it, and I think my Democratic friends will rue the day they did it, when they return to the minority shortly.

For me it was a case of the Democrats not being able to win, so they changed the rules. Straight up Kobayashi Maru! (warning: that was nerd talk, look it up!)
However, none of that got me in trouble.  Later in the evening, I was thinking about it and wrote on facebook:

If I am truly being honest, I hate what Harry Reid did with the nuclear option, but I kinda respect that he found his cojones. I hope the GOP finds theirs. Reid is straight up gangster politics. #respect

Yes, it was a flippant comment, but I was completely unprepared for the backlash from my conservative friends.  There were expressions of strong dislike for Senator Reid, accusations were thrown out, but I was completely unprepared for one comment.

One went so far as to say that me and people ‘who think like u r causing the downfall of our country.”

Really, the downfall of our country?  Come on, you give me way too much credit.

However, instead of writing “You, Sir, are feeble minded person located smack dab in the middle of the bell-curve when rating intelligence!”, I thought I would explain myself more.

Why Harry Reid gets an ounce of Respect

Again, let’s start with it was the wrong move.  I want to make that clear before I get blamed for the Kennedy assassination today.

We must also separate the man from the political move.  Niccolo_Machiavellis_portrait_headcrop

When we do both of those things:  We must congratulate the Democrats on their raw, Machiavellian political calculation.  Remember, one of the biggest sins you can commit in politics is to under-estimate your opponents.  

Here is the calculation:

BOTH sides at one time or another have flipped flopped and threaten to use the nuclear option; therefore, the Republicans can’t do jack squat about it without hurting ourselves or looking like big babies.


Yes, Republicans could STILL use the Senate rules to slow the Senate to a crawl – make them read each bill and that kind of crap.   Problem?  Republicans would only look spiteful.

However, here is the REAL danger and Machiavellian calculation:  the move that both parties have discussed, but the Democrats actually had the cajones to do – could “work”.

When I say “work”, I mean the Senate starts confirming people.  We may hate the nominees’ values, etc, but they will get confirmed.  The American people see this movement and re-act favorably to the movement.  After all, people are tired of a gridlocked nation, and deep down most reasonable people will admit a President should have his choice of people unless they are disqualified due to scandal, etc.

This leads to the biggest danger for the GOP – when things start moving, obstructionists will realize they can’t just obstruct, leading to the biggest horror of them all:

The US Senate moves to a reasonable, sound, common sense, bipartisan Chamber that it was designed to be.  

Conclusion on the politics of the Nuclear Option

So, when you are honest and you look at just the politics as Niccolo would, one must reluctantly tip their hat to Senator Reid.

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  1. Tony says:

    You have lost your damn mind!

    Harry Reid is a vile human being, and you should be ashamed of yourself for respecting him any.

    You smarty pants know-it-all idiots need to shut up. You are the reason the Republican party is in shambles. You establishment defenders are way to eager to “give credit” and “work with others”.

    Remember, you can’t work with evil without it rubbing off on you.

  2. Brad says:

    You ARE responsible for the downfall of our country! The intellectual establishment class of Republicans have driven this county to its downfall!

  3. Kyle says:

    I am a Republican that agrees. Nicely said. These tea party idiots must understand that in life, you need to get long with people and there is no need to be such gigantic assholes.

  4. Walt says:

    I wouldnt go so far as to say that YOU are responsible for the downfall of our country, but it would be a pleasent change to see Elected Conservative Republicans act as such. I am tired of the constant capitulation, having to compromise and abandon our positions just to get along when we get absolutely nothing in return from the Progressive left. It is their way or the Highway and we are afraid to stand up and win a fight for fear of a bloody nose.

    • Alex Patton says:

      Walt, I hope that you don’t think I am afraid of a fight. I have battle-scars all up and down my back to prove my level of willingness to mix it up.

  5. End the FED says:

    You are correct, Democrats may rue the day; Should the Democrats fall to the minority in the mid-terms, repealing Obamacare becomes possible.

    With that said, Republicans have effectively merged with the democrats to form a single party. In that respect, folks like Alex are in fact sailing the boat with the so called opposition straight into the sewer.


    • alex fan says:

      You should really start listening to people like Alex. He can lead you out of the wilderness. He is one of the smartest operators around and you would be foolish not to hear his warning.

  6. Gloria says:

    Alex is the future of our party, if you are interested in having one.

    If you are interested in being a klan from the south, then listen to “end the fed”; otherwise, listen to Alex. PLEASE.

  7. Why says:

    Why do you tea party people have to be so nasty? Is it a requirement of membership that you must adhere to?