Campaign Planning

Navigate to Victory

Political campaign planning is the combination of experience, specialized knowledge, political research, and political strategies in order to develop and navigate a path to victory.

A Campaign Plan

Ozean’s political consulting can assist you in developing the following areas of your political campaign plan:

  • Campaign Context and Political Environment
  • Candidate Information / Profile
  • District Profile
  • Voter Profile
  • Opposition Profile(s)
  • Polling Plan and Schedule
  • Campaign Theme & Emotion Development
  • Campaign Calendar
  • Paid Media Planning
  • Earned Media Planning
  • Campaign Budgeting
  • Campaign Fundraising Plan and Schedule
  • Campaign Staffing
  • Campaign Communication Calendar

The Role of Research

Just a quick note, we can not over emphasize the importance that research plays in the campaign process.   We have witnesses far too many candidates who engage on a political campaign without adequate research.

Contact Ozean

With over 20 plus years in political campaigning and technology, Ozean’s political consultants are anxious to connect with you and see if we can assit you in planning your campaign or ballot initiative.