2014 Florida Competitive House Seats

In 2014, all 120 members of the Florida State House of Representatives stood for election.

Of the 120, 47 seats were uncontested or decided with a primary race only.

Of the 73 general elections held, 13 had the Democratic candidate and the Republican candidate with 10% of each other in total votes for the general election.

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35236873739287695619542.2%51.2%-9.0%Ingoglia, Blaise
114177581357212624037744.0%52.7%-8.7%Fresen, Erik
6722818258124863046.9%53.1%-6.2%Latvala, Chris
6321967243484631547.4%52.6%-5.1%Harrison, Shawn
8926510293115582147.5%52.5%-5.0%Hager, Bill
6531480346336611347.6%52.4%-4.8%Sprowls, Chris
4728039303035834248.1%51.9%-3.9%Miller, Mike
3023448247764822448.6%51.4%-2.8%Cortes, Robert "Bob"
4918405191193752449.0%51.0%-1.9%Plasencia, Rene "Coach P"
11217015163733338851.0%49.0%1.9%Rodr’guez, JosŽ Javier
2623430210844451452.6%47.4%5.3%Taylor, Dwayne L.
6829394260415543553.0%47.0%6.0%Dudley, Dwight
3625774216194739354.4%45.6%8.8%Murphy, Amanda

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