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Proud Republican political consultants

For trade associations, conservative causes & ballot initiatives, and Republican candidates Ozean offers traditional political consulting services, while specializing in the use of technology such as social media, the Internet, and digital media in campaigns.

Political Consultant | Roles in Campaigns

General Political Consultants

Depending on the campaign, Ozean Media may act as general consultants to a campaign, ballot initiative, or conservative trade association.

Our broad experience allows us to manage all aspects of a campaign and manage any partnerships needed to navigate to victory.

When Ozean Media acts in the role of general consultant, Ozean takes on the lead political strategic role, and depending upon the type, budget and circumstance of your campaign, Ozean may assist your campaign in broadening & enhancing your team of political experts by hiring & managing additional personnel.

At times and with your consent, Ozean may play multiple roles in the campaign, General Consultant & Media Consultant while hiring and managing other political consultants.

Our specific role will depend on your campaign, its budget, and its specific circumstances.

Media and Digital Political Consultants

In larger budget political campaigns, Ozean may work with other political consultants by serving primarily a specialty role as the political media consultant or even more specifically the digital media consultant.

While Ozean still brings all of our political skill and knowledge to the effort, we work as part of a larger political team to navigate to victory.

Political Experience

Ozean has been paid political consultants on every level of political campaigns, except for a presidential election, in the United States.  Ozean’s political experience does include some brief international political consulting as well.

We are known for taking on difficult races and winning a large number of them.  We enjoy navigating our clients to victory and even enjoy making history.  Here are some examples of

Some of Ozean’s historic wins:

  • First Republican elected, since reconstruction, to Florida State Attorney District 3
  • Youngest ever elected Florida Circuit Judge
  • First Female Judge elected in Gilchrist County
  • Republican elected to Democrat stronghold in Gainesville, FL by 10 points (read the case study)


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