Yoho and the far right


This week, the House passed the Ryan/Murray budget bill by a large majority, and the vote somehow immediately became a proxy in the “GOP’s civil war.”

I admittedly was pleasantly surprised when I read that Representative Ted Yoho (R-FL3) voted for the deal.  Rep Yoho is a self described “conservative Christian Republican with a libertarian slant.”, and I would have lost some major money betting on how my Representative would vote on the budget deal.

I see Rep Yoho’s vote as significant.

Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL 3)

Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL 3)

In the past, I have angered some of Rep Yoho’s supporters because I have dared to be critical of some of his actions.

Sorry folks (no matter how many friends or clients of mine you call to express your extreme displeasure), I gotta call ’em like I see ’em, and I still think some of the past actions of Rep Yoho deserve criticism.  Specifically, I completely disagree with his tendency towards isolationism in foreign affairs and his ability to get himself into situations that allow the press to paint a caricature of him. However, I don’t think I have ever questioned his political soul. (more on that later….)

If I am going to call ’em like I see ’em, I must offer praise to Rep Yoho on this budget deal vote.

In a statement released to the press Rep Yoho wrote:

The American people are tired of Washington dysfunction. Legislating from crisis to crisis has caused a trillion-dollar debt and an acceptance of the status quo. This budget resolution offers a path to reduce the deficit and cut spending in a responsible way,” Yoho said in a statement.

“Getting back to a regular budgeting process allows us the opportunity to cut spending and root out wasteful programs. I look forward to breaking through the partisan logjam and doing what the American people sent us up here to do — bring back the greatness of America.

Well said!  Well done!  Nice Job!  Kudos!  

Ramifications of a Budget Vote

Why I think this vote is significant? Because, this vote is coming from a Rep who was on the tip of spear for the previous government shutdown.

  • The vote shows he is learning.  [Remember, this is a Rep who came to government with zero elected office experience and was thrown into the big leagues.]
  • The vote shows he is listening to others outside his natural base.  [Remember, he was elected in a 4 way primary, NOT achieving a majority in his own party.]
  • The vote shows he has the courage to step away from his natural base and grow his coalition. [Remember, he won by +1.1% in the primary, he needs to grow his coalition.]

We should have known that if I am defending Rep Yoho and his vote, it was sure to anger some of his more extreme fans. They did not disappoint.

The Extreme


I don’t know who wrote this, but it was sent to me as something that appeared in a Facebook feed.

We all have the ability, right, and some would say the responsibility to hold our elected officials accountable – but this bullshit above crosses line.  This is what is wrong with the extreme right & politics in the GOP.

Ted Yoho for all discernable purposes is a tea partiers’ dream.  For his brief time in Congress, he has represented their point of view almost 100% of the time.  He is the darling.  I think he has earned his bona fides and political capital with this group.

THEN ONE VOTE that you don’t agree with him, and you call him a kool-aid drinking sell out?

People like above and the 94 people who ‘liked’ this junk are exactly what is wrong with politics.   The absolutism must be rejected.  It is killing our country.

Rep Yoho showed with this vote that he thought about it deeply, reasoned the ramifications out, and gave thought to a greater good.  I think THAT should be celebrated.

If you disagree, you have that right.  However, a more productive manner would be to disagree with the actions – not the man.  If your first reaction is decry someone as a kool-aid drinker then you’re just kind of being a jerk.

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  1. Tea Party says:

    The day I agreed with Alex is the day I thought the world would end.

    Ted is a good man and devouring our own must end.

  2. Walt Boyer says:

    Alex I can understand why you would praise Ted for his stance on this vote. But my problem with this vote is the content of the bill and the fact it puts us on track to a $25 trillion dollar debt. The House Republicans completely caved and conservatives got nothing out of this bill. Are you expecting praise from the progressives because of this vote? This bill was for 2 years and we still have 3 years of this current administration… So do we cave again in 2 years which will be an election cycle year just so we arent attacked by the progressives?