Reading list – Q4 2017

I was asked yesterday “Whatcha reading?”

Here is the 2017 Q4 Reading list:

  • Principles by Ray Dalio- GREAT business/life book.   I wish I would have read it before I ever started any businesses.
  • The Drunkard’s Walk by Leonard Mlodinow – A look at how randomness, probabilities, and uncertainty affect our lives.
  • How Not to Be Wrong:  The Power of Mathematical Thinking by Jordan Ellenberg – A dense read about math, decision making, and thinking.  I need to re-read this one, but I enjoyed the challenge and the writing.   Been chewing on the concepts for weeks.
  • On Writing by Stephen King – part autobiography, part how to write, part how to edit (with examples), part how to structure your work, and part screed against adverbs.  At times, hilarious.  Easy read, enjoyed very much.
  • Rat F**ked by David Daley – about the most political process known to politics: the process of drawing political districts.   Remember:  one party’s map is another party’s gerrymander.
  • Slingshot: The Defeat of Eric Cantor by Lauren Cohen Bell and David Elliot Meyer- a deep dive into the Cantor defeat/Brat win.  Short, accessible, and must read for political nerds.
  • Break Your Invisible Chains: Own The Power Of Your Story by Brandon Telg,  Jaron Jones,‎ Carly Barnes – local Gainesville authors about storytelling.  Offers writing prompts on how to tell your story and the importance of stories.

Book Awards:

Most Enjoyable Read:  On Writing

Read that has stayed with me for weeks:  How Not to Be Wrong

Need to Read Again:  How Not to Be Wrong

Most relevant to political nerds – Slingshot

Book(s) I wished I read much sooner: TIE:  Principles / How Not to be Wrong

Best Title:  Rat F**ked


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