Ozean Media Political Library

Ozean announces Political Library

Ozean announces Political Library

Announcing the opening of  Ozean’s central repository & political library

We have heard your request, and we are making some small changes to our website.

As you may know, we love the science of politics.  We are true political nerds, and we embrace that aspect of our personalities.

Many of our blog posts are driven by what political studies, political research, or political books we are currently reading.  Some are even driven by Ozean Media’s original research.

Over the past year, we have been asked repeatedly to create a central library of our research.

You asked for one place for all political research, and we listened.  

Today, we announce the opening of the official Ozean central repository of all political information & political library.  political-nerd-alert

On one convenient page, you will find Ozean’s Political Case Studies, Ozean’s Original Political Research, and links to any political science studies that Ozean discusses or cites in our political blog.

BTW, did you know Ozean’s blog was listed by Campaigns and Elections Magazine as a must read?  You do now!

The political libray is a work in progress, and Ozean hopes you will bring any errors to our attention by contacting Ozean.

Enjoy the homework.

No need to thank us, you’re welcome!

Link to:  Ozean’s political library

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