Florida Republican Alex Patton sourced in WSJ

Florida Republican consultant was featured in the Wall Street Journal regarding the void from Senator Marco Rubio’s run for President.

Rubio’s Departure to Put Florida Senate Seat in Play

May 3, 2015 By Arian Campo-Flores


“We’re now getting into the tier of candidates with little name ID statewide,” said Alex Patton, a Republican political consultant in Gainesville. That means a potentially drawn-out primary contest, he said.

Though Mr. Patton said he expects the eventual nominee to have little difficulty raising money, the National Republican Senatorial Committee will probably have to spend much more than it would have if Mr. Rubio had run for re-election. That could make less committee money available for other Senate contests. “It shrinks the map for us,” Mr. Patton said. “It probably takes a seat or two out of play.”

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