Reading list – Q4 2017

I was asked yesterday “Whatcha reading?”

Here is the 2017 Q4 Reading list:

  • Principles by Ray Dalio- GREAT business/life book.   I wish I would have read it before I ever started any businesses.
  • The Drunkard’s Walk by Leonard Mlodinow – A look at how randomness, probabilities, and uncertainty affect our lives.
  • How Not to Be Wrong:  The Power of Mathematical Thinking by Jordan Ellenberg – A dense read about math, decision making, and thinking.  I need to re-read this one, but I enjoyed the challenge and the writing.   Been chewing on the concepts for weeks.
  • On Writing by Stephen King – part autobiography, part how to write, part how to edit (with examples), part how to structure your work, and part screed against adverbs.  At times, hilarious.  Easy read, enjoyed very much.
  • Rat F**ked by David Daley – about the most political process known to politics: the process of drawing political districts.   Remember:  one party’s map is another party’s gerrymander.
  • Slingshot: The Defeat of Eric Cantor by Lauren Cohen Bell and David Elliot Meyer- a deep dive into the Cantor defeat/Brat win.  Short, accessible, and must read for political nerds.
  • Break Your Invisible Chains: Own The Power Of Your Story by Brandon Telg,  Jaron Jones,‎ Carly Barnes – local Gainesville authors about storytelling.  Offers writing prompts on how to tell your story and the importance of stories.

Book Awards:

Most Enjoyable Read:  On Writing

Read that has stayed with me for weeks:  How Not to Be Wrong

Need to Read Again:  How Not to Be Wrong

Most relevant to political nerds – Slingshot

Book(s) I wished I read much sooner: TIE:  Principles / How Not to be Wrong

Best Title:  Rat F**ked


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Trump versus Clinton – by Florida House and Senate Districts

Over the holiday break, I was fiddling around with R in a feeble attempt to further my R skills. I find a project or research question is the best way to force myself to learn.  So, the question was “How did Trump and Clinton do by Florida House and Senate Districts?”  Follow up: “Which districts were won by Hillary Clinton AND a Republican legislator?” Methods used the precinct level results provided by the State of […]

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Puerto Rico and Florida – give me data!

As I have written, Puerto Rico could be a big deal in Florida politics.   It has the potential to be a game changer, and several press outlets have reported on the issue. NBC – Over 139,000 Puerto Ricans Have Arrived in Florida Since Hurricane Maria Tampa Bay Times and Alex Leary – Puerto Rican wave hits Florida, carrying big political implications FACT:  The last 4 general elections held in Florida have over 28 million votes cast, only […]

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What is an Ozean?

A long time ago, we were going to change the world.  We decided we had enough of that stuffy corporate world with its salary, benefits, and ample cash flow.  We thought we had a good business plan, we thought we had completed the research – and we jumped.  We started our own company, and damn it we were going to change the world.   Now, what to call this company? Our brainstorming led us to German […]

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Why Puerto Rico Matters Politically in Florida

Anyone who maintains an influx of Democratic-leaning, Puerto Rican voters doesn’t matter, doesn’t understand Florida. In a state with razor-thin Presidential margins of victory and close Gubernatorial elections, any influx of partisan voters unmatched by the other side matters … a lot. Just saying….with Florida’s voter registration now online, it is as easy as 1,2, CLICK to register people to vote in Florida. Responsible people have to ask, is Donald Trump digging his own grave?  […]

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Florida 2016 Primary Republican Turnout

Admittedly, I have been slacking in writing. This is due to workload and frankly falling off the writing wagon. I will try and do better, but in the meantime, I was asked to look at Republican Turnout in Florida.  I only explored those voters currently registered in Florida that voted in the 2016 primary. I only explored those voters currently registered in Florida that voted in the 2016 primary. I chose to look at the turnout […]

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Newsletter May 2017 – The Guide to the 2016 Elections

how did donald Trump become President Trump?   DATA explaining Trump's win Most got it wrong; I did. The data is now starting to arrive and serious people are now beginning to explore the data in an attempt to understand how President Trump came to win. We will attempt to avoid the pieces that attempt to drive a narrative and stick to data points. The Definitive Guide to 2016 (so far):   RealClearPolitics: How Trump […]

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2014 Florida Governors Race Results by DMA

Thinking about 2018 with a potential matchup of Rick Scott v Senator Bill Nelson, I was messing around with scripts to combine data sets and came up with vote totals for the 2014 campaign for Florida Governor featuring Rick Scott v Charlie Crist by Florida DMA (Television Markets). Here you go…..I may write later on what this possibly means for 2018, but for now, it is provided as is for your enjoyment.  

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Why the Freedom Caucus Doesn’t Fear Trump

Got a quick question on the Ward Scott Files today, “What effect will Trump’s threats against the Freedom Caucus have?” Short answer: Not much. Took a quick look (excuse the non-sexy graph) at how members of the freedom caucus performed against Trump, Romney and McCain in their districts. On average, the 30 members identified as members out-performed Trump by 5.4%.  If we throw out the outliers, it is more.  (I don’t have the time nor […]

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How divided is Florida?

I went to bed last night thinking about about DecisionDeskHQ’s attempt to make a nationwide precinct map.  It is a challenging and cool project. Thinking about this as I slumbered, I awoke wondering just ‘how divided are we in Florida at the precinct level’?   Thanks to the great state of Florida, we have precinct level results, and over morning coffee, I found my answer. The answer:  Pretty damn divided.   If you consider a precinct […]

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