About Ozean Media

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Ozean Purpose

Navigating to Victory – even the hard ones.

Ozean Mission

Ozean Media will understand and shape political environments to achieve and maintain victory for trade associations, conservative causes, conservative ballot initiatives, and Republican candidates.

We will maximize talent, relationships, partnerships, and technology; we will not tolerate waste in any area so that we can reinvest in and grow our company.

We will be recognized experts in our field and we will improve constantly.

Ozean Values

We consider ourselves to be a bottoms-up meritocracy where smart people seize and make opportunities to impact the company.

We take our values seriously.   Our clients respect & desire these values and our employees share these values.  In the hiring process, we place a large emphasis on matching prospects to our values.

  • Loyal – to our clients, to the company, to one another
  • Honest & Candid – we don’t lie to clients nor to ourselves
  • Discrete – we keep secrets
  • Data Driven – our actions are thought out and all outcomes are weighed using data and critical thinking
  • Accountable – to obtaining results, to established metrics, & the vision of the company
  • Focused – we keep our eyes on where we want to be, avoiding distractions
  • Independent – we take charge, take risks, and accept responsibility
  • Growth Orientated – company, people, knowledge



More About Ozean Media

Ozean Media is a multiple Pollie Award (the Oscars of political advertising) winning political consulting agency, a multiple Reed Award (national) finalist, and a multiple Addy award winning firm.

Ozean Media is a member of the American Association of Political Consultants.

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